About this site

This site contains all of my various product reviews, tips & tricks, as well as software tools.  I like to talk about dashcams (aka Car DVRs), action cameras (like GoPro, but not so overpriced!), quad/multi-copters (some call them drones), and whatever else I may find interesting.  Could even be something like a home improvement gadget, a recipe, or whatever else I feel like writing about for the day!

About me

My name is Jason Gibson, and I currently work for a large international lawfirm as an SCCM administrator, a document management system admin, technical writer, on-call support, and other various duties.  Throughout the years, I've worked as an auto mechanic (almost 9 years, including several ASE certifications), on-site PC tech, Altiris admin, and other various contract gigs.

My hobbies include RC vehicles (cars, multicopters), real cars (autocross and track days, modifying/repairing vehicles), dashcams and action cams, video games, and making dashcam and review videos.  I also like to ride my mountain bike on trails through the woods, work on the house, and of course hang out with my wife and two kids.